Instant Previews helps you get even more highly-qualified traffic to your site. Even better, Instant Preview clicks are free of charge -- you’re only charged if a user clicks through to your actual landing page.

The instant preview ads is designed for market friendly nature & works on the following things. A marketing technique where by information about a company's goods or services is passed electronically from one Internet user to another.

Advantages of Instant Ads

  •  Reach is maximum in mobile today, the study says mobile phone penetration is approaching 85%-90% of US population while the internet only reach is going around 70% of homes and workplaces.
  •  .Interactive personal:Generally a mobile is not shared and is always personal so the data management for a user by demographic.Behavioral history and presence, including automatic location identification will be always correct.
  •  .Measurement as with online, it should be possible to measure the campaigns directly.Instant results ,the mobile is always carried by users with them thus the chances of looking a the ads instant so whether the result is negative or positive is instant.User responsive can be tracked almost instantaneously.
  •  Cost mobile advertising costs a fraction of what television and radio ads cost.Exact targeting carries have customer data and location information potentially available for targeting which can be very helpful.Click rate ,it is generally high as compared to desktop advertising.
  •  Location targeting good for local advertiser and can target around their business easily.Easy to work,it is simpler and less expensive as compared with the same for desktops or mobile advertising.