Softweb Technology provides Petrol Pump Management System and it manages entire back office management of Petrol Pump. Including billing system, Customer/ Party debit/ Credit detail and related accounts as well as inventory. Various kinds of reports like Accounting, Sale/ Purchase, Pump/Deep Meter Reading etc.

Benefits of Petrol Pump Management

  •  With Automated Cash Sales Entry, Auto Dip Calculation using Calibration Chart, Bulk Invoice Generation and option to adjust the receipt of payment against the particular Invoice gives user Billwise, Vehicle wise outstanding, Integrated Accounting & Inventory and freeing user from duplication of work with minimal data entry to get smooth work flow and increase in efficiency.
  •  All in One. With Multi-Functional and Integrated business processes to take care of their diverse needs of maintaing records for Fuel Dispensing, Servicing of Vehicles, FMCG Selling, Accounting, Invoicing and Inventory being done in one single software freeing them to use multiple software for their daily needs.
  •  Online ledger, Ageing of Accounts, Reports and MIS at Finger Tips leading to effective & improved decision making and with Option to Export the reports to various format and mail or fax reports makes it a free flow solution.
  •  With facility to create Multiple Tanks, Multiple Warehouse, Multiple (fuel dispensing) Nozzles, Recursive Group & SubGroup Creation to give comprehensive data visualization..
  •  The most unique feature of the software is, it allows to track all transactions (Purchase, Sales, Receipts, Meter Reading, Dip Reading) for a given shift and generates the Shift Register or consolidated (with multiple shifts) for the day.

Petrol Pump Management Software - Inventory Management Features

  •  Item Wise Stock.
  •  Monthly in out Reports.
  •  Monthly Details.
  •  Monthly Condensed Reports.
  •  Tank Stock Maintained Automatically.
  •  Pump Machine Readings.

Petrol Pump Management Software - PPM Management Features

  •   Flexible adjustment of petrol station operation.
  •  Easy customization of user interface.
  •   Get stock item position for any single item across various store locations, warehouses
  •  Manage multiple store locations.
  •  Support of a bonus discount loyalty and payment card system for attracting new customers and keeping existing customers
  •  Softweb WMS Software
  •   Summary and Detailed View of the data is available in Softweb WMS Software
  •   Item selection in dispatches & in other documents by Code as well as Name is possible with the help of Softweb WMS Software
  •   Multi User WMS Software
  •  Softweb WMS Software is simple to setup and working can be start immediately.