Mobile App Store Management

Help Users Find Apps Faster
Provide users with a curated list of IT-approved business apps via an enterprise app storefront.
  • Simplify Discovery of Internal Apps and Approved Public Apps.
  • Increase Exposure.
  • Scale app license management with the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and MobileIron.
  • Reinforce your Brand.
  • Enhance Social Networking Strategies.
  • Automate Configuration of App Settings and Policies

    Leverage OS-specific app configuration frameworks and containerization technologies to deploy apps at scale and enhance mobile app security.

  • Enforce app-level PIN access and SSO.
  • Silently push app configurations to mobile devices.
  • Consistently enforce DLP policies such as open-in and copy/paste restrictions.
  • Android App Phases And Hosting Charges

  • Configuring your apps for release.
  • Building a release version of your app.
  • Testing the release version of your app.
  • Updating resources.
  • Preparing remote servers and services for your app.
  • IOS App

  • Excellent for media entertainment.
  • Suits for business and gaming.
  • iOS Is More "Intuitive".
  • The returns are high, as the Account holder gets 70 percent of the sales of the app. This makes it easier for the app developer to make a profit from the sales of his or her app. The returns would become substantially higher if the app got popular with the masses.

    Hosting will cost around 1600 INR.


    IOS 9

    Android for Work

    Windows 10