Glass Billing Software

The Glass Billing Software is used by the Glass Traders, Glass Merchants. The Glass Billing software tracks the Billing of the Customers and Stores the Data in the software to get easily retrieve whenever required.
The Glass Traders Software is Automatic Glass Software in which the user has to feed the data once and the rest of the repitation of the data done by the software itself.

Some Of Its Tools Are

  •  customer masters
  •  employee masters.
  •  product masters
  •  Service Contract Rate Master.
  •  Marketing Like Enquiry.
  •  Submitting Quotations.
  •  Service Contract Applicable.
  •  Daily Reminders Services.
  •  Daily Reminders Outstanding
  •  Daily Reminders Next Contract
  •  Ledgers
  •  Inventory Stock Control

Services Like as.

  •   Gel-baiting system to control cockroaches, ants & silverfish – also available for your car!
  •  Specialised service against the menacing Bed Bug.
  •  Comprehensive and customized mosquito control services for residential and commercial venues.
  •   This is a specialized service for monitoring insect pests in stored product, food processing and export industries.
  •  Safe, eco-friendly rodent control services for commercial establishments and common areas of residences..
  •  Created to help rid your home from your pet’s pests, like fleas and ticks..
  •  Pest situation/infestation, remedies and preventative measures are documented in report form for our commercial clients..
  •  Use of Ethylene Oxide to sterilize pharmaceutical, cosmetic grade raw material, food products for domestic and export requirements..
  •  Integrated method to tackle destructive weeds from commercial and residential structures.
  •  A “snake-safe” service, this provides periphery protection against intrusions from such reptile
  •  Community and commercial awareness programs to help customers and non-customers build awareness into pest problems and their prevention.
  •  Gel-baiting system to control cockroaches, ants & silverfish for your car
  •  Service to control the wood borer/powder post beetle larvae.
  •  A customized post-construction and pre-construction service to control or prevent the attack from termites.
  •  Integrated management through specific products and services to ensure control of flies in homes, food establishments, and so on.
  •  Spider control service for commercial and food storage/processing establishments.
  •  Eco-friendly removal of beehives without killing the bees
  •  Anti-Fungal treatment for commercial and office areas.
  •  Designed for surface disinfection; kills viruses and bacteria through safe chemicals and methods.
  •  Combination of several services, as per client requirement, including special treatments for rare and precious museum artiface
  •  An integrated approach that tackles the essential and perhaps the non-essential pest issues on board shipping vessels.