Softweb Technology provides Fingerprint Management Software and The fingerprint reader software (usually referred to as the access manager software) uses the fingerprint device driver to capture a fingerprint image and then control access to the logon accounts that you set up.

Benefits of Fingerprint Management Software

  •   Fingerprint Software Using Biometric and it provide an extremely accurate, reliable and secure staff monitoring solution that can be used to identify occupants of a building at any one time. This is particularly important for safe guarding those working alone and during the night. .
  •   Fingerprint System improve staff accountability for time management and attendance and makes employees more productive.
  •   Reports can be provided using time and attendance data acquired through Fingerprint systems can be used to demonstrate contract compliance and proof of service delivery
  •   : Increase productivity. Employees who feel better about their jobs will work better. Antiquated time and attendance systems will not accurately track their productivity. Biometric removes barriers such as time theft and raises productivity rates.

Fingerprint Management Software Working

  •  Fingerprint systems translate illuminated images of fingerprints into digital code for further software such as enrolment (fingerprint registration) and verification (authentication or verification of registered users).
  •  The scanner uses an advanced CMOS image sensor to capture high contrast, high resolution fingerprint images that are virtually distortion-free. A series of powerful algorithms extract data from the image, mapping the distinguishing characteristics of the fingerprint..
  •  This data is then converted into an encoded binary string known as a digital template, and stored in a database. The actual fingerprint image is never stored. To identify or verify a fingerprint, a proprietary matching algorithm compares the new template made from the extracted characteristics from the input fingerprint on the optical module to a previously stored sample. The entire matching process takes roughly one second. Authentication takes place locally at the device or on a server, depending on system configuration.

Features of Fingerprint Management Software

  •  Clocking In and Out.
  •  Flexible Employee Scheduling
  •   Absence Management
  •   Elimination of Missed Punches
  •   Reporting