Online exam software is used for creating web based exams, which allows for tests to be taken anywhere, anytime and from any type of device, as long as there is an internet connection. An Online Examination System or Software is a Web Based platform designed and developed for institutions and universities.

Online Exam Software is a Examination / Test Management Software to create and conduct computer based online examination from any where. It is a most powerful user friendly test generator, exam generator educational software available in the academic market at affordable price in Bangalore India. You can even administor the examination in conventional method by printing the question papers. Be your Student's tutor yourself by taking tuitions using Exam Software. You can create your own e-Learning study centre, quiz for academic development of students. Assume the responsibility of supervising your student and make their career brighter. Multiple language support enables you to create test/exam/quiz in multi langauge.

Features Of Online Exam Software

  •  Online Exam Software is developed keeping in view today's examination pattern and need of today's student..
  •  Online Exam Software is a powerful Test Engine for Certification Exams.
  •  Online Exam Software is ideal for candidates appearing for competitive exams where they have to take Multiple Choice Question papers..
  •  Online Exam Software is also useful for parents to keep track of their Student's Performance with no efforts. Teachers can use this software to conduct examination..
  •  Online Exam Software is useful for Companies and Recruiting Agencies to measure the candidate's depth of knowledge. Instead of paying for each online test per candidate, Exam software offers one time investment and lifetime benefit..
  •  You can set different points (marks), negative marking percentage and time allocation for each question. Provides Spell Check Functionality. Exam software talks using text-to-speech technology..
  •  Online Exam Software provides "Usage Restriction" feature which enables the administrator to conduct the examination remotely and securely. Usage restricted exam (.exm) files can be opened in Exam Mode only for specified number of times..
  •  Online Exam Software provides Password Protection to exam (.exm) files to prevent unauthorized access to the question paper.
  •  Data in exam (.exm) file is stored in Encrypted Format, so these files cannot be read by any other program or text editors.
  •  Online Exam Software Supports Multiple Languages, this means you can use Exam Software to create exam (.exm) files in any language, just by setting the Font of your language in font dialog box.
  •   When you open .exm file and start examination, Exam Software selects the questions randomly to generate Unique Sequence of Questions.Other Test Engines available in the market do not allow you to customize your question bank. In Exam Software you can create your own question bank using "Question Designer". You can add Graphics, Audio & Video to your question to make it more visual.
  •  Centralized Exam Records are stored in encrypted format, so cannot be changed. Provides query capability to search for highest score or lowest score.
  •  Online Exam Software provides Print utility to print the question paper as per your requirement.Online Exam Software provides Import utility to import the data from flat text files into exam (.exm) format.Online Exam Software provides Merge utility to merge the questions from different exam (.exm) files.