The blood donation management software is designed for market friendly nature & works on the following things.

Blood donation is one of the most significant contribution that a person can make towards the society. It is not harmful for an adult person to donate blood. The body of the donor can regenerate the blood within few days. It poses no threat to the metabolism of the body. It helps Blood Banks to computerize Reporting, Billing, Inventory and Accounting functions of Blood Banks and also helps to prepare a variety of registers like, Master register, Blood Bank Software donor register, issue register, Blood Transfusion, Test Analysis, Blood Camps etc. This covers many features like Group wise Donor information, Donor Card Generation, Donor Certificate, Group wise Stock, Anti sera quality checks, Group wise Receipts, Test Analysis and Donor List with Biometric Interface etc.

Software Features & Benefits

  •  Group wise Donor Information.
  •  Donor Card Generation.
  •  Group wise Receipts.
  •  Record Blood Transfusions.
  •  Group wise Stocks.
  •  Test Count Registers.
  •  Camp Organization & Details.
  •  Daily Quality Check Updating.
  •  Expiry Tracking.
  •  Test Analysis.
  •  Donors List.