Hotel API


If looking for a well developed hotel booking engine to go on your site, going to Softweb Technology is all that you need to do. With this booking engine you will be able to sell hotel rooms to the clients using your site to travel both in the country and outside. We offer you an API based solution that helps you offer clients with all the required information on your site, enabling them to reach to that final decision with ease.

HOTEL API ₹50,000+TAX Domestic and International Hotels Included
HOTEL BOOKING WHITE LABEL API ₹40000 +TAX Domestic and International Hotels Included
HOTEL BOOKING API WITH SOURCE CODE ₹140000+TAX Domestic and International Hotels Included

Our team would carry out API integration in a way that people visiting your site have access to complete and latest information coming from valid sources. The hotel booking engine developed by the Softweb Technology team promises multiple benefits to the travel agents, the most important one being conversions. We will give you an API that contains all basic components starting the hotel list for bookings to online reservations to cancellations or rescheduling. The tourists can easily compare prices and then make bookings for the one that fits with the needs and this is going to rise up the stability meter of your travel portal.

HOTEL 7 to 14% 9 to 15%

Feature Highlights

  •   Customizable design and layout
  •   Completely integrated into your website
  •   Dynamic packaging and shopping cart capabilities
  •   Room upgrades capabilities
  •   Advanced and flexible yield capabilities
  •   Detailed conversion analysis
  •   Detailed reporting and revenue tracking
  •   Quick loading custom light weight website
  •   Business to consumer (Guest and User Modules)
  •   Login with social networking site like Face book to capture user information.
  •   Custom Discount code or Promo code
  •   Admin can up loadable banner images
  •   Registered SMS on Company name Ex. LM - XYZ
  •   Predefined Email Notifications at registrations, password intimation, booking, cancel,
  •   Online Page Search Engine Optimization required for the Internet Promotion
  •   Every feature is predefined and design or style sheet not editable from customer end.

    Business to Consumer model
  •  Guest Login
  •  Register Login

    Business to Business model
  •  Administrator Module
  •  Distributor Module
  •  Agent Module

    Types of search fields like
  •  Check in and Check out Dates
  •  Location Based searching
  •  Hotel Based Searching
  •  Start Rating
  •  Search by number of rooms.

    Search Results Pages
  •  Hotel name
  •  Address
  •  Star rating
  •  Price Range
  •  Location
  •  Price High to Low and low to High
  •  Rating High to Low and low to High

Customer Support

  •   Manage your bookings online
  •   Register page with all required user and agent fields.
  •   Quick Login Page
  •   View / Print your E-Ticket: Now print your air E-ticket instantly!
  •   Cancel your booking online.
  •   Check your ticket refund status.
  •   Make a Payment: Pay your booking amount here.
  •   Forgot Password
  •   Feedback And Complaints
  •   Contact us

    Web Compliance Pages
  •  About Us
  •  Disclaimer
  •  Payment and Cancel
  •  Terms and Conditions

    Integrated Reporting

    Engine includes reporting and analysis of all transactions. These analytics facilitate decision-making and streamline your Resort's business.

  •  Deposit Summary Report
  •  Consolidated Report
  •  Booking Sales and Commission Report
  •  Balance Sheet Log

    Payment Gateway Integrated (Debut and Credit Card, Net Banking)
  •  Visa | MasterCard | Maestro | AMEX | JCB | Diners - Credit Card Option
  •  50+ Debit Cards Options
  •  30+ Net Banking Options

Agent/Deposit Accounts Creation

Login facility will be given to the agents to add funds in their accounts with a certain cutoff limit. By logging in on the portal agents can book the Hotels from their deposit accounts up to the cutoff limit and as they will reach their cutoff limit, they will not be able to book hotel rooms from their deposit account. Agents will get the different options i.e.

  •   Company Management
  •   Upload the logo and the same logo and contact information will be published on voucher, itinerary and invoice to be generated for the customer.
  •   Search User
  •   Create User
  •   Change Password
  •   Manage Markups
  •   Check the booking status
  •   Cancel the booking
  •   Check the Invoices
  •   Commission Generated
  •   Check different type of reports of bookings
  •   Option to show and hide commission and markup
  •   Check the booking status
  •   Commission Generated
  •   Can send the deposit detail and upload transaction receipt for the admin.

    Admin Control Panel and deposit account maintenance

    Administrative Control Panel will be designed in a web form format. Features of the Control Panel will be:-

    Agent Control Master:
  •  Activate Agent
  •  Deactivate Agents
  •  Manage deposit accounts
  •  Change commission, incentive for the agents
  •  Can add Mark UP agent wise
  •  Can check the bookings done by the agent.

    Mark UP Master:
  •  Default mark up where it controls going below or above certain fixed mark up by supplier by car from specific supplier
  •  Adding, updating service fees
  •  Adding , updating cancellation fees
  •  Identify the minimum profit by volume & percentage

    General Features:
  •  Change Ad banners provided on home page
  •  Manage Notices sent to the agents
  •  Admin can view the receipts send by the admin for the deposit by an agent, and after verification, he can activate the deposit request and deposit will be added on to the agent's account.
  •  In case of cancellation of a Booking, the cancellation information instantly comes on Admin.

    Admin can view gross sale, commission payouts, with Net payable data for all components