The attendance management software is designed for market friendly nature & works on the following things

Track your employees' time, attendance, absenteeism , and holidays even when you are away from office.With Softweb Technology, you can monitor your employees' in-time, out-time and total number of hours worked, including break intervals with ease! Managers can track their employees' time and attendance from anywhere and at any time. You can use an API to integrate the attendance management software with any type of attendance terminals in your organization. This includes online web check-in and check-out that lets managers control where an employee can clock-in/clock-out from. Entry and exit data of your employees will be captured and the total number of hours worked will be calculated automatically.

Intuitive web and mobile check-in and check-out Customizable settings Easy tracking of employee attendance API to integrate the attendance system with attendance terminals Manage multiple shifts, IP restrictions, user IDs, and preform shift mapping Visually appealing graphical reports

Leave Management

  •  Softweb Technology simplifies your leave management process. You can record and monitor all types of leave across your organization: vacation, training, sick days, etc. You can also analyze absence patterns to maintain efficiency and reduce lost time
  •  Softweb Technology Leave Tracker lets your employees apply for leave directly online, view their leave balances and access all other time-off related information. You can import/export the data for integrating with other applications, thus saving time and valuable resources. .
  •  Custom leave types
  •  Online leave application Centralized view of all employee leave information.
  •  Leave types for individual employees, locations, roles and experience levels.
  •  Location based holidays Accurate leave reports.
  •  Import/export leave data.

Time Tracker

  •  Softweb Technology Time tracker helps you keep track of your employees’ work. Regularly monitor your team's efficiency and improve their overall productivity. Time Tracker does the magic of enabling you to record all your work items in a single click.
  •  You can easily add job items and update them too! When the job is done, you can move on to the next work item, after having updated the status as ‘Completed
  •  Schedule jobs and work items
  •   Record job entries on a weekly and monthly basis Log both billable and non-billable hours
  •  Get clear and accurate reports

Employee Self-service

  •  Ability to access and maintain one's own record
  •  View attendance reports, leave reports and leave balances
  •  Add jobs and log time for timesheets
  •  View all approvals and permissions
  •  Access announcements and collaborate through feeds