Click-to-call, also known as click-to-talk, click-to-dial, click-to-chat and click-to-text, namely Webcall is a form of Web-based communication in which a person clicks an object to request an immediate connection with another person in real-time either by phone call, Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP), or text. .The click to call is designed for market friendly nature & works on the following things.

On devices with phone capabilities, make it easy for users to directly connect with you by simply tapping a phone number, more commonly known as click to call.

Advantages of click to call

  •  70% of mobile searchers have used Click-to-Call to connect with a business directly from the search engine results page. 51% of them use it frequently or always from search results.Key takeaway: Most of the time, customers looking for your business on the mobile web simply need to contact you, and a phone call is still the preferred method over other communication options. Not having the Click-to-Call feature on your mobile site requires the customer to go through at least one additional layer of navigation, which is never a good thing.
  •   47% of mobile searchers say that if a business does not have a phone number associated with their search results, they will be more likely to explore other brands. Key takeaway: Half of mobile searchers are already expecting your business to have a phone number associated with your business. Having a chunk of those mobile searchers go over to the competition could be an unfortunate consequence of not implementing this very simple solution.
  •  61% of mobile searchers state that Click-to-Call is most important in the purchase phase of the shopping process. Key takeaway: If your potential customer has made it to the purchase phase of the shopping process, they’re engaged. They’ve done their research, shopped around and are finally at the point where they’re ready to open their wallet. It’s critical that at the moment your customers feels confident in their decision and Click-to-Call is a big part of tha
  •   Holiday shoppers will expect it and their patience for doing additional research through your mobile website will be short. Key takeaway: With the holiday shopping season just around the corner, shoppers will be trying to get as much information as they can about Black Friday deals, rare item availability, store hours and more, on their smartphones. Adding the Click-to-Call feature on your mobile site will save your stressed customer frustration and time by helping them get the answers they need quickly.
  •  54% of customers call to get quick answers and give real time feedback, with 54% having more questions or needing more information than a website can answer.Key takeaway: Enabling customers to ask questions via a phone call also gives them the ability to give you valuable feedback. For example, maybe they have a comment about how you can improve the functionality of your mobile site. It’s this valuable, one-off type of information that can really make a difference in your marketing and the way you do business. In addition, your website may not always have all the answers a customer is looking for, and this makes providing a two-way communication option essential.
  •  88% of mobile searchers consider call length to be important (4.4 average minute call length). 72% of clicks on a mobile search ad’s call button last longer than 30 seconds.Key takeaway: This statistic indicates that most people call the business with an expectation that all of their main questions are going to be answered. It’s important to have all of your frequently asked questions communicated well to your business’ support team so that customers are brought more quickly into the purchasing flow.
  •  76% of consumers use mobile call features to schedule an appointment for local services. Key takeaway: For certain businesses, like tow truck drivers, locksmiths and contractors, most of their customers come from a certain geographic area. Click-to-Call is a major part of catering to these consumers, as many of them are looking for a service that they need relatively quickly (e.g. “My pipes burst and I need a plumber!”). In this case, Click-to-Call isn’t just a critical feature for your customers, it’s importance goes both ways. Many of these types of small businesses require driving from job site to job site throughout the day. If you keep a phone handy while you’re on the go, Click-to-Call is the perfect tool for connecting your customers in need with you.