Automotive business has various production procedures & varied channels of distribution. It is recommended to represent them all in an ideal way using Automotive ERP solutions by Softweb Technology Solutions. Several clients with dissimilar needs from various business areas can be accommodated in one common schedule. You get that added advantage of flexibility as compared to other systems. It saves you from amending your already planned activities, while you make changes & adjustments any given instance without compromising on your deadlines. Softweb Technology Solutions offers automotive products & system development along with engineering solutions including mechanical design & development, vehicle systems, embedded controls & software. Our automotive solutions adapt to technology & designs of evolving customer tastes – expectations & safety requirements.


  •  We deliver integrated IT solutions to the construction industry worldwide. Clients can avail a blend of consultancy, construction software solutions, supply chain management solutions, business intelligence analytics and reporting solutions, etc. tailor made for the construction industry..
  •   Today every industry, wants to implement complete mobility and stay wired. Softweb Technology Solutions provides highly secure and smartly integrated solutions to promote seamless communication at the clients end.
  •  Our consultants and developers discuss detailed requirements of our clients from the building and construction industry, and offer software solutions that cater to their specific business needs..
  •  We can also developed fully integrated multiple user and multiple location ERP system. We are capable of meeting the information needs of our clients. We develop market sizing and planning tools for construction industry executives to identify new opportunities, mitigate risks, and manage inventories in a better manner.
  •   We can also build secure apps and creative web services for builders, construction companies, architects and real estate agents. Construction Industry Service Offerings:.


  •  As Consumer needs and engagement has gained more relevance in the last few years, the banking sector across the globe is focused on better understanding of their Customer, forging a unified experience across Channels, and for that embracing Mobility and a more in-depth BI. With our high end quality processes, extensive industry knowledge, and agile development practice
  •  . we help banking clients in extending their customer service and outreach with acute insight upgrading and re-engineering their financial services with the help of industry veterans and our tech experts.
  •  We provide end-to-end IT services in banking and financial sectors ranging from business consulting to IT infrastructure services
  •  the ever-growing popularity of mobile banking.
  •  Our IT professionals are highly creative in developing ingenious mobile banking solutions for enhancing your customer service experience. .
  •  We have deep-domain expertise in creating inspired IT applications ,which help us in creating sophisticated banking & financial solutions for our clients..


  •  Innovative technologies, business & clinical insights, real word experience & implementation strategies back up our healthcare solutions ranging from back office functions to electronic medical records & clinical transformation to consumer engagement. Our Healthcare solutions, designed based on electronic medical records & health information exchanges (HIE), address the systemic healthcare challenges to play a vital role in transforming the healthcare industry.
  •  Softweb Technology Solutions Healthcare ERP solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics AX are capable to handle processes ranging from procurement to regulatory compliance including human resources & financial transactions as well. Our healthcare ERP solutions are designed specifically to convert and enhance business processes, to meet the ever evolving healthcare industry challenges.
  •  Solutions here are designed to offer an efficient, fully-integrated & entirely automated IT framework for healthcare providers at competitive cost of ownership
  •   It compliments & integrates your existing technology including your Hospital Information System with industry standards.
  •   We assist you to implement a transparent system which can be helpful in complying with healthcare regulations, standards and policies including HIPAA and BASEL..


  •   We offer IT solutions to create a fresh outlook for the manufacturing segment through integrated IT solutions. Our extensive domain expertise is in providing manufacturing IT solutions for mobile, cloud, high performance computing, data, analytics, shop floor automation, smart manufacturing & various other segments.
  •  Our IT consulting services for the manufacturing industry range from business and IT strategic development, business process reengineering to strategic supply chain systems development which includes global production, logistics, and sales.
  •  We provide comprehensive manufacturing enterprise solutions which help in collaborative networking for manufacturers.
  •  It provides manufacturers an ability to perform during the entire manufacturing spectrum encompassing,supply chain management, product lifecycle management, and manufacturing execution systems.


  •   We realize the importance of providing real-time access of information to students,especially after the amalgamation of IT and interactive teaching methodologies..
  •   Some of our IT solutions including enrollment dashboards, educational accountability, student lifecycle management, organizational management etc, are useful as hosted solutions in the education sector; while many more can be utilized for full domestic ECM systems (Enterprise Content Management systems) on campus.
  •  Dynamic software developers at Softweb Technology Solutions, offer solutions for the education industry ranging from content filtering & online courses to mobile and web applications.
  •  These vibrant solutions have assisted students & educational institutes globally to become more competent and grow in their respective periphery. Our solutions help in automating the processes unique to education industry.
  •  Using our Learning Management System (LMS) teachers help you enjoy an online, compact learning platform that can be managed effortlessly for your entire range of educational programs.


  •   We provide end-to-end IT solutions ranging from application testing and integration to quality assurance assessment, testing, monitoring and management that cater to the travel & hospitality industry including hotels, casinos, restaurants, car rental companies, and online travel agencies. .
  •  Our IT professionals provide a gamut of IT processes, analytics, and technology which helps in delivering business value to the clients, there by enabling them to serve guests and travelers in the best possible manner. Our travel & hospitality clients can reduce their cost of operations, centralize operations, and drive effectiveness & efficacy through innovations. .
  •  Application testing and integration.
  •  Business process design, development, and documentation
  •  Collaborative portals solution.


  •   We have a vast experience in the telecommunications sector, including service providers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and component vendors. By affiliating with us; systems integrator and technology OEM partners can deliver value-added services to multiple locations at higher speed. .
  •  Some of our applications encourage our partners to upstream and downstream telecommunication services through IT solutions encompassing mobile content and cloud apps to enable customer satisfaction and loyalty .
  •  We integrate smart devices, software and services in the telecommunications industry that makes us deliver customized IT solutions for telecom companies. We adopt a single-minded approach on open source, enterprise portals, mobility and emerging market trends..
  •  We would like to be pioneers in the IT services for the telecommunication industry. In order to achieve this feat, Our IT team generates loads of ideas which come across after working on different verticals and business models in telecommunication sector.
  •  This gives us a distinct value added advantage across the industry..