Jwellery software covers all the aspects of a jewelry business. From manufacturing, whole-seller, retail showroom, money lending, MCX trading, chit fund, etc. It is a store management software that helps to streamline the business process with the stock coming in..The jewellery software is designed for market friendly nature & works on the following things

Jewellery Software

  •  Jewellery business, jewellers are maintaining their customers/karigars ledgers manually in which there are chances of human error/mistakes which may lead to loss in their business
  •  It’s difficult to remember the customer’s history if jeweller had received any order or done any repair or alternation work. Thus Marg has designed Marg Jewellery Software for retail as well as wholesale business or operations
  •  In Marg Jewellry software, inventory of customers can be easily maintain; Jeweller can check any previous history of the customer if he has done any alteration or repair work as it helps in tracking the sale. Marg jewellery Software is capable of maintaining different inventories for precious metal or stone; even there is a provision in which jeweller can set different price rate for different customers, metals or stones which he can update with a single key while billing which helps in saving waste of time.
  •   MARG is a leading provider of Jewellery Management software with the help of more than 370+ centers for training and support and 6 contented users of different trades.