Billing software improves the general organization and management of the billing process. It is used by all kinds of businesses to track payments, send out statements, accept payments as well as to record billable man hours. By automating the billing process, billing software can be vital in preventing late or missed payments, managing good customer relations, as well as improving payment acceptance methods. In addition to its core function, billing software can be used to generate reports, activate recurring payments, store customer related billing information such as billing/shipping addresses and payment details, and send invoices based on your specific pricing model and branding design. These business apps can often be used to access accounting data remotely and offer integrations with larger accounting software.

Billing software benefits small organizations, freelancers and contract workers who frequently bill for recurring professional services. If you bill by the hour, by service or by project, these tools can be great time savers. Also, there are many billing applications geared towards specific industries, such as the legal profession or the medical field that provide additional features to match the needs of their target audience. The main benefits of using billing software over traditional accounting methods are to save time, improve the professional image and reduce the room for error. The invoicing capabilities of these kinds of applications should provide the ability to generate personalized invoices through customizable and pre-defined templates. Invoices should be downloadable as PDFs or translatable into HTML, and can be exported to your email provider.

The billing capabilities offered by these applications should allow users to keep on top of due payments and to tailor the billing process to cater to each client. Billing is made easy through online payment channels, credit card and other payment option. Users can offer their customers the option to pay in installments or from multiple accounts. A good billing software will send reminders of due payments, notifications of payment completed and set up recurring billing for repeat customers.

Key Features & Benefits

Create customized and branded invoices
Track billable work hours, products and expenses
Manage delayed or late payments
Schedule recurring billing and invoicing
Bill according to industry and pricing model
Improve customer payment methods
Store and record customer details
See reports and access accounts remotely

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