Softweb Technology provides Apartment Management System configurable Supply Chain processes required by companies to provide better customer service and control operational costs. Investing in Apartment Management Software can help manage day-to-day tasks, track multiple accounts, and minimize cost and security risks along with increasing profits on behalf of your real estate business. Apart from customizable analytics and reports, budget forecasting, ease of access and collaborating documents, the apartment management software has plenty of other benefits.

Benefits of AMS

  •   Softweb apartment management system helps streamline multiple functions of your enterprise..
  •   The ‘Lot’ module in the software helps property dealers categorize buildings in terms of lots, enabling them to easily group the properties, especially in the case of multiple properties..
  •   Unit Management is crucial for any property dealer. The property management software offers efficient unit management to define units and fill up the details, such as unit number, type, car parking, etc..
  •  One of the most important benefit accorded by the implementation of the software is the real-time access to information about current owner, unit owned, property documents and other such details..
  •  The Tenant Management module of the software provides ample details about the present and past tenants, details related to the lease (start date and expiration date), related contracts and more.
  •  The housing management software provides real-time data on service charges and also creates respective invoices for the same..
  •  Information about tenants, payment history, moving in and out reports will not only be a click away but can also be edited or retrieved from anywhere anytime - all thanks to the property/apartment management software..