Across Industries

Renewing excellence with new technologies for the Automotive industry

The Automotive industry has been taken by storm with the disruption caused by digital technologies. Due to this, the need for businesses to reinvent themselves in order to remain competitive - as well as retain and grow their market-share - has never been greater.

In order to achieve this, organizations have to ensure that they:

  • Develop their portfolio of offerings with respect to connected vehicles
  • Create a smarter supply chain by leveraging technology and the right growth strategy
  • Identify multi channels to connect to end-users and provide solutions that are inclusive of the new-age digital customer who is connected seamlessly to the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Reduce time-to-market to make sure products reach the market before the competition

While this will help in retaining the market, growing the business needs a more structured approach to understanding products, customers, dealers, distributors, suppliers, and organizational associates.

This can be made possible by:

  • Using big data and foresights derived from predictive analytics and data science
  • Leveraging digital technologies to do more with connectivity, and enabling the true power of the IoT
  • Amplifying platforms and Software as a Service (SaaS) to maintain lower cost of ownership as well as simplifying aftermarket support

Renewing and creating new value for the Oil and Gas industry

The Oil and Gas landscape presents unique opportunities and challenges across upstream, midstream, and downstream operations.

Your enterprise needs to identify new assets for exploration while increasing production at existing oil and gas fields. Globalization demands that your enterprise complies with cross-border regulations and safeguards your business interests. Significantly, you should ensure the safety of your personnel and protect the environment at all times.

The softweb Oil and Gas practice addresses emerging business challenges by aligning people with processes and driving operational excellence with technology solutions. We offer visibility across the enterprise and supply chain so that your personnel can access accurate data, collaborate, and take timely and informed decisions.

Our Centers of Excellence (CoEs) in exploration and production, pipeline management, refining and marketing, energy trading and risk management, geographic information systems, hydrocarbon accounting, and alternative energy drive superior business performance.

We partner with oil and gas companies, oilfield services providers, and Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) enterprises. Our experience spans commissioning greenfield projects to transforming onshore and offshore operations at brownfield refineries.

How we deliver value to retail enterprises

Your retail organization needs a digital approach across the supply chain to evolve into an omni-channel retail enterprise. In addition, your extended supply chain should be responsive to match demand with inventory.

The softweb Retail practice helps brick-and-mortar retailers, e-Commerce companies, and hybrid retail stores engage with shoppers at the point of purchase, cultivates brand loyalty and streamlines operations. We decipher the consumer genome - a prerequisite to deliver a personalized shopping experience. Our domain experts automate workflows to align demand planning with stock replenishment.

We integrate social data with market intelligence and store-specific analytics to provide rich, contextual insights. It will enable you to refine your pricing strategy, planograms, product assortment, and procurement. We help you elevate the complete brand experience with collaboration platforms and digital solutions across functions, including supply chain, logistics, and distribution.

Renewing processes with new systems for the Airlines industry

The flying experience of travelers is shaped by the ability of the airlines industry to manage diverse functions - from fleet operations and crew management to multichannel selling and pricing.

The softweb Airlines practice helps global airlines - as well as low-cost carriers - deliver a superior travel experience. We enhance capabilities by renewing core processes and implementing new systems across the airlines value chain.

Renew core airlines processes

  • Route and network planning - A 'single source of truth' and dashboards can enable business users to analyze data and take prompt decisions. Simulation and 'what-if' analysis of routes based on performance metrics, such as revenue, cost-per-flight, load factor, cash operating margin, and yield per Available Seat Mile (ASM), can improve asset utilization and profitability.
  • Unit Load Device (ULD) management - RFID tracking infrastructure to manage ULDs and loading equipment for transporting cargo and passenger baggage can minimize theft as well as demurrage. In addition, timely maintenance and repair can reduce capital expenditure.
  • In-flight services - Technology can enhance your in-flight program by ensuring a convenient and entertaining flying experience, while increasing ancillary revenue.
  • Ramp operations - Web-based processes generating work assignments and mobile applications to monitor plane-side and bag transfer operations can improve productivity, expedite cargo loading, and minimize delays.
  • Financial management - The account-to-record cycle should integrate diverse sources of revenue: website, online travel agencies, excess baggage, in-flight sales, and cargo. Moreover, the system should support revenue management in multiple currencies.

New solutions with renewed offerings for the Cards and Payments Industry

The Cards and Payments industry has been constantly evolving due to the introduction of new digital technologies. In the face of changing regulations, the industry has had to make the best use of these new technologies to provide unique offerings, in order to drive forward.

With a flexible approach that is in line with today's changing trends and increased customer demand, softweb industry offerings leverage digital technology to provide a superior customer experience. We function across six key focus areas: varied payments methods, digital enablement, big data & analytics, payment security, operational excellence, and technology modernization. These solutions cover the pre-payment, payment, and post-payment areas and are already used by a wide range of our stakeholders.

With data security and privacy an absolute must in this industry, our fraud prevention solutions are constantly being reexamined. Further, the modernizing of payment mechanisms and ATMs, and Switch and Payment Gateway Integration, also underline the areas where we are constantly renewing our service offerings.

Thinking ahead of the competition requires an ear to the ground and a willingness to recognize the new areas to explore. Apple Pay, digital wallet integration, advanced analytics, next-generation customer service, and social listening and collaboration, are all new tools for the future of the industry.

The implementation of new digital technologies can also provide a number of business benefits. In terms of costs, the opening-up of new revenue generation streams coupled with an increase in ROI - specifically for marketing campaigns - can create significant value for businesses. An improvement in customer lifetime value and brand protection are also some aspects to look forward to. Thus, it is imperative that the industry and its players make use of new digital technologies constantly and consistently - both to satisfy discerning customers as well as to ensure industry growth.

New strategies with a renewed approach for the Industrial Manufacturing industry

The next big shift in the Industrial Manufacturing industry is here. It is not just about quality and numbers, but also about adapting to the digital age of technology and information.
It is now necessary to be in sync with your customers' requirements, as you can no longer expect them to just consume what you manufacture. At softweb, we use cross-platform compatibility and collaboration to reach out to a wider client base and connect better with customers. Digital technology has helped us make the best use of analytics to improve our engagements. Our Project Driven Supply Chain (PDSC) and Service Transformation solutions are some examples of conceptualized and designed industry standard solutions.

Reducing costs and improving productivity are ongoing challenges in this industry, and are the focus areas of our strategies for renewal and improvement using Next Generation AMS. Modernization of legacy systems, reducing time to market through the use of agile practices, and automation in AMS engagements are also key opportunities.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not just a buzzword; when used correctly, it can have a major impact on industrial manufacturing. It can help make the best use of the production line with the application of predictive maintenance and analytics. Further, the Next Generation Application is another area where we bring our "new" approach to make a difference.

Through the continuous use of digital technology, we ensure that business benefits are aplenty. These include a significant improvement in the Quality of Service (QoS) due to the efficiency of analytics, as well as a lower TCO and maintenance cost. A lower time to market also means an early realization of business value.

With the advent of digital technologies coupled with our new business models, our industrial manufacturing practice can help clients grow and prosper in today's highly competitive marketplace.

Renew and create value for the Media and Entertainment industry

The Media and Entertainment industry needs to address shifts in technology, demographic preferences, and ubiquity of mobile devices.
The softweb Media and Entertainment practice helps companies cross over from legacy technology to digital offerings, while rebooting enterprises with new processes and systems.

Reducing costs and improving productivity are ongoing challenges in this industry, and are the focus areas of our strategies for renewal and improvement using Next Generation AMS. Modernization of legacy systems, reducing time to market through the use of agile practices, and automation in AMS engagements are also key opportunities.

  • Digital road map - Convergence compels media and entertainment companies to convert into digital media enterprises. A 'digital first' ecosystem is more responsive to creators, broadcasters, advertisers, and viewers.
  • Process excellence - Digital-centric processes accelerate time-to-market, boost productivity and minimize costs. Processes should be geared to support video, launch new distribution channels, and introduce new business models.
  • Content monetization - The shrinking content lifecycle demands rapid monetization. Non-intrusive and programmatic advertising open new revenue streams for media and entertainment enterprises.

Renewing and reinventing the Resources industry

The Resources industry - whether agriculture, metals and mining, pulp and paper products, or chemicals - is by definition restricted by the resources available globally. Even as the hunt for new resource bases and emerging markets intensifies, there is immense value waiting to be extracted within the industry. To realize this value - while grappling with cyclical and fluctuating commodity prices, consolidation, restructuring, environmental concerns, and changing laws - your information technology needs to deliver predictable outcomes.
On the road to renewing and reinventing the Resources industry, you will encounter several challenges and opportunities:

  • New business dynamics - Amid mounting competitive pressures and slowing revenues, the quest for new products and markets frequently leads to mergers, divestitures, and acquisitions (MD&A). The success of such activities requires the seamless integration of systems and processes, horizontally as well as vertically.
  • Environmental awareness - As end consumers become more environmentally aware, sustainable products are not merely a business imperative but can also give you a significant competitive edge.
  • Cost control - It is important to get a handle on costs and deliver profitable returns despite wild fluctuations in energy and input prices. Closely examining costs for emerging markets and turning fixed costs into operating costs can give you better visibility, control on cost variability, and more scalability.
  • Capital allocation - There is an increasing scrutiny of capital allocation by stakeholders and regulators. A disciplined approach can help you go beyond compliance to maximize return on capital and resources.
  • New value - Prioritizing R&D investments to create enhanced products and services can deliver value beyond your traditional business. Greater focus on streamlining process and systemic efficiencies can also yield rich dividends.