Softweb Technology provides Courier Management System.Courier Management System is the simplest solution for Courier & Cargo Tracking Business. This Courier Management System project will provide information recipient with following detail – where the current consignment is,till when it will reached its final destination, date of placing consignment , final date to reach its destination etc.

Benefits of Courier Management System

  •  Courier Management Software should allow your delivery drivers to manage and use handheld devices to gather and distribute information with customer signatures while during any delivery services as because your operators and customers need not have to deal with unmanageable paperwork, delivery communications are becomes much faster.
  •  Courier Management Software solutions implemented with a web portal or application which used by your customers to access any of your online services, without talking with your customer service agent. The conversion of everyone calls which you gain is one advantage to this selection. Another one is a complete freedom which your customers will enjoy to talk freely and share their experience with your without any hesitation.
  •  By getting the software efficiency, a deduction of human effort is a must. You will be able to have your report automatically generated and you may save your money which you were giving to your management staff. This report can be sent via e-mail to respective email accounts.

Courier Tracking

  •   The couriers tracking system offers the possibility to trace the position and activity of each one of them in real time on the map. Managers can organize and control much more efficient employees’ activity using the field tracking feature. Moreover, couriers benefit from a navigation system to track and deliver parcels to their destination address.

Features of Courier Management System

  •   Updating the delivery status for the packets.
  •   Printing of all invoices.
  •   Client Management.
  •   Provides enough searching criteria for Querying and Analysing.
  •   Provides remarkable tool for reporting.