Travel Management Software


Softweb Technology provides Travel Management System. This is a computer program or suite designed to oversee, regulate, and coordinate the travel activities and expenses of a company's employees. Effective Travel Management software can conduct many of the tasks traditionally done by human travel managers.


Benefits of Travel Management System

  •   Single click trip planning
  •   Automated Trip Booking.
  •  Trip cost optimization.
  •  Approval workflows.
  •  Policy Checking.

Expense Management Features of Travel Management System

  •  Automated expense reports.
  •   100% policy compliance.
  •   Advanced business analytics .
  •  Single view finance approval .
  •   Automated Policy Validation.

Advantages of Travel Management System

  •   Online travel portal increase the visibility and enables travel agents to sell their product & services via internet in global Market. Travel agency software is essential software thatevery travel and tour operators need to manage their travel portal. It helps to manage the reservations efficiently and rapidly & helpstravel agents to streamline their business management.
  •  Online portal helps travel agents to sell more product and service to customer from anywhere at any time. Features such as booking confirmation, SMS & email notification, booking cancellation, and online payment delights customer.
  •  Dashboard and reporting tools enables users to take insight into sales and profit. Inventory management tool enables track available product quantity and sold booking information.