Pop-up Ads

popup ads

Pop-up ads are a type of interstitial ad that do exactly what they say — pop up and block the main content of the page. They appear after content on the page begins to load and are among the most commonly cited annoyances for visitors to a website. Pop-up ads come in many varieties – they can take up part of the screen, or the entire screen.
Included ad experiences tested: Pop-up Ad with Countdown, Pop-up Ad without Countdown

As therecently released initial Better AdsStandards are reviewed and implementedin the marketplacematters of interpretation of theStandardsmayarise

Until such time as the Coalition finalizesanoverall framework forinterpretationof the Standardsgenerally, or for resolution of contested interpretations of a particular Standard,the Coalition may determine thatcertain types of ad experiencesa resufficiently unclear as to the tested ad experience to which they are associated and therefore are considered in contention