Softweb Technology provides Call Center Management Software and a call center management system refers to a software solution that helps improve customer interactions, service levels, and user experience. Simply put, it's a modern way of managing the day-to-day call center operations—training, forecasting, reporting, scheduling, and many others..

Benefits of Call Center Management Software

  •   Handle overflow calls.
  •   Reduced costs.
  •   Decrease call abandonment.
  •   Improves call quality during peak hours.
  •   24/7/365 support for a fraction of the price.
  •   Increase customer satisfaction.
  •   Ensure business continuity.

Features of Call Center Management Software

  •   Call Reports & Recording.
  •   Real-Time Call Statistics.
  •   Agent Dashboard with Live Caller Info.
  •   Admin Dashboard.
  •   Sticky Agent.
  •   Real-Time Call Monitoring.
  •   Blended Calling.